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The success of a valid product or service derives from several factors . Certainly its quality-cost ratio , but also and above all the way in which we make it known and "aspire" to potential customers, ultimately marketing.

That's why in support of an excellent marketing, we must combine an "experience" worthy of our product .

And how to do it better, to make it known live with a unique media event , able to amaze and to "impress" the participants with the spark of curiosity and desire .


ACCAELLE Events , will accompany you during the phase of your successes . First with a breathtaking presentation event with clearly defined objectives. Then with an event of "consecration", which universally marks your success.


International brands or SMEs , every customer is important to us, and their satisfaction is even more important.

Together we identify the objectives and develop precise strategies aimed at achieving them.

  • Definition and sharing of objectives

  • Global Event Services

  • Acquisition of information and needs

  • "Suppliers Researching" to adapt the budget to the individual services

  • Locations search and selection

  • "Advanced marketing" and critical issues analysis

  • Definition and sharing of the "mood-board"

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Process of defining and estimating the individual services

  • Budget-service / budget-event authorization protocol

  • "Guest-List", "RSVP" and "Guest Reports" management

  • Covid Officer Services for the management of protocols and security procedures aimed at contrasting the pandemic evolution from COVID-19, with the procurement of all the legal equipment.

  • Problem solving and dynamics of preventive contrast to critical issues

  • Coordination of the entire collaborative chain

  • Management and sharing of "executives deadlines"

  • "Dinamic Accounting" for the adjustment of financial deadlines

  • Artistic direction

  • Executive direction

  • Mutch More ...

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